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This A to Z lists most of the famous pirates of yore, and aims to inform conservationists and those involved in the hunting of whales for meat, the objective being to monitor illegal activities. Though, with fish becoming cancerous from ingesting toxic plastic, whaling may soon resume as the Commission are forced to relax their rules to avoid humans starving - as agricultural land turns to desert from climate change.




Aboriginal whaling - Long established and limited traditional whaling

Baleen - Whales adapted keratin filter plates for bulk feeding of small marine fauna

Barbossa - Captain of the Black Pearl

Bellamy, Samuel - Black Sam (Captain)

Billion $dollar whales -

Blackbeard - Edward Teach, pirate and his (never recovered) buried treasure

Black whales -

Blackbeard - English Teach and the Queen Anne's Revenge

Blue whales -

Bones - Whale bone products

Bonny, Anne - Pirate

Bowhead whales -

Canada -

Cetaceans -

Charity Commission - On not for profit organizations in the UK

Charles W Morgan - Restoration of 1851 whaler sailing ship, Mystic Seaport, Connecticut



Dolphins - Smaller marine mammals at risk from fishing nets


Drake, Sir Francis - Privateer

Earth Trust - Save the Whales International campaign

Edward England - Irish pirate, Edward Seegar

Elizabeth 1 - Good Queen Bess

Elizabeth Swann - Keira Knightley

Endangered Species Act 1973 - US law enacted during Richard Nixon's administration

Extinction - Where whales are headed without constant monitoring

Fishing Nets - Ghost drift nets are killing more whales than harpoons

Funding - A rare commodity that eludes policy makers

Ghost Fishing gear - Discarded netting that kills seals, turtles and whales

Golden Age of Piracy

Gray Whale - (Grey or Black)

Greenpeace - Not so active as they used to be

Harpoons - The means by which human kill defenseless whales

Hawkins, John - Privateer

Herman Melville's books - Novels about the sea and golden age of whaling

History of Whaling - It's all about the money, lubricating oils, bone, baleen and meat

Hornigold, Benjamin - Privateer Captain

Humpbacked whales - Megaptera novaeangliae


International Whaling Commission - IWC

Japan - Japanese Whaling Week 2017

Jolly Roger - Pirate flag

Kidd, William - Captain Kidd, privateer/pirate

Killer Whales - Orcas

Kulo Luna - an ocean awareness adventure story where a whale sinks a whaling boat

Lobbyists -

Minke Whale -

Moby Dick - Whaling novel by Herman Melville - Free online book reference links

Mocha Dick - A real whale that sank 20 ships before 1838

Morgan, Henry - Privateer

National Geographic - Brief history of whaling November 2011

Norway -

Ocean Shepherd - Brave activists who challenge whalers at sea

Odontoceti - Toothed whales, dolphins, killer, sperm

Pescatarians - A person who does not eat meat from animals on land, but eats fish

Pirates - Piracy and Privateers

Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney's film

Poisoning - Toxic meat from cetaceans, means cancer for those eating it

Porpoises -

Port Royal -

Quotas -

Rackham, Jack - Calico Jack

Raleigh, Sir Walter - Privateers

Read, Mary - Pirate

Right Whale -

Robert, Bartholomew - Black Bart, pirate

Robert Louis Stevenson

Rorqual whales - with pleated throat grooves to expand volume for filter feeding

Russia -

Samuel Bellamy - Black Sam, the pirate

SeaVax - Ocean cleaning of fishing nets and marine litter (plastics)

Skull and Crossbones - Pirate flag

Sperm whales -

Tortuga -

Treasure - Maps to buried gold and jewels - Island

Trust - Climate Change

Unterwasser - 

Vane, Charles - Pirate captain

Vegans - Don't eat whale meat

Whalers - Ships fitted out for whale killing and processing, their sailors and operators

Whaling - Hunting, killing and butchering of whales for meat, oils and bones

World Wildlife Fund -

X Factor -












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